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Professional Development Week 2017

Innovation Awakens – Collaboration, Partnership & Agility

May 24, 25 and 26 2017
Shaw Centre (Ottawa, ON) –

Building on 2016’s theme of Open 24-7 and the demand to deliver quickly and deliver often, 2017’s theme will focus on  the changing role of the IT professional working in the GC. Where we once worked on projects specific to our portfolios, we are now encouraged to put emphasis on building partnerships in support of working hand in hand with business  partners, policy makers and solution delivery experts to develop streamlined, user centric solutions.

As the public sector focuses on a commitment to be more open and transparent,  and moves to “digital by default” and “open data” models as ways of interacting with, and  providing information and services  to citizens, the need for innovation, strong partnerships and collaboration is crucial.  We are consulting more with Canadians, and this forces us to be agile and adapt to better align with government priorities – whether it be internal IT systems to support operational efficiencies, or those directly used by Canadians.

We must consider the big picture and find ways to consolidate common or related data, services and tools such as: storage, systems, capacity, data, and availability. The solutions we develop must be built and implemented on a foundation that is both flexible and stable to meet the challenges of today and the future.

We need to be able to measure our performance, track how good we’re doing and adjust where we need to change. To do this, we need to establish concrete performance indicators and benchmarks, collect data and analyze and translate that data to tweak and adjust our processes, services and tools, for the better.

Success will depend greatly on our ability to manage change in culture. We must promote and facilitate communication, collaboration and engagement beyond our organizations. We need to reach out across the public sector and to the IT communities at large. We must support learning and development to strengthen our capacities, and more importantly, we need to foster and allow space for innovation.

Public servants know that there are always ways to improve ourselves and innovation is part of discovering ways of doing things better. Join us as we explore culture change and the opportunities that transformation presents for the IM/IT community when Innovation Awakens at PDW 2017!


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