Professional Development Week 2018

PDW 2018

Collective Intelligence: Enabling Seamless Results

May 23, 24 and 25 2018
Shaw Centre (Ottawa, ON) –

If two heads are better than one, then imagine the power of a community of 18,000!  It’s never been more important for organizations to foster communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing across different business lines and functions, knowing that  breaking silos empowers the workforce to deliver quality products and results.

The theme for Professional Development Week 2018, Collective Intelligence: Enabling Seamless Results is about the positive influence of sharing knowledge, ideas and expertise.  It’s about reaching out, drawing on the views of a diverse set of stakeholders, connecting with subject matter experts, systems of record, and data sources, to leverage the knowledge that exists, drawing on expertise to innovate on new solutions and products with a focus on portability and adaptability – it’s about being open-minded to new ideas and trying new things….. opportunity abounds!

DPI has been empowering IM/IT professionals to share knowledge, connect and collaborate for more than 50 years.

Join us at Professional Development Week May 2018 for an exclusive opportunity to connect, collect, and collaborate.

Schedule of Events

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K1 (English)
Songs & Stories
Susan Aglukark, O.C., LL.B | Award-Winning Inuk Singer/Songwriter

K2 (English)
Lessons From the Frontlines: Disruption, One Industry At A Time
Robert Stephens | Geek Squad Founder and Former CTO of Best Buy

K3 (English)
A Fresh New Approach To Productivity
Chris Bailey | Productivity and Performance Expert – Bestselling Author, The Productivity Project

K4 (English)
The Road to Digital
Alex Benay | Chief Information Officer of the Government of Canada

K5 (English)
Empowering Sustainable Innovation: Ideas for Creating a Data-Driven Organization
Avinash Kaushik | Web Analytics Master – Google

K6 (English)
You’re a Hurdler, You Just Don’t Know It
Perdita Felicien | Canadian World Champion Hurdler & Two-Time Olympian


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S1 (English)
Why you are not a leader – yet
Bruce Langevin | Author and Executive Coach – The Modern

S2 (English)
Technology Trends Facing the Government
Melanie Travers | Manager, Financial Management Consulting – Deloitte
Nazim Hussain | Senior Specialist, Analytics and Information Management – Deloitte

S3 (English)
Invisible Influence
Rhonda Sharf | Certified Speaking Professional – ON THE RIGHT TRACK – Training & Consulting Inc.

S4 (English)
Delivering Results: Using Agile Methods to Deliver Enterprise Solutions in a Public Sector World
Scott Erkkila | Director – Pivotal Labs Canada

S5 (English)
Mindful Work: Increase Focus and Manage Stress
Trish Huston | Speaker and Mindfulness Teacher

S6 (English)
You Get What You Play For: How Game-Based Learning promises to transform employee skills training
Scott Wright BASc., MBA, CISA | President and Chief Security Coach – Security Perspectives Inc.

S7 (English)
Better Communication and Collaboration Using the DiSC Behavioral Profile
Claire Sookman | Principal – Virtual Team Builders

S8 (English)
It’s Not You, It’s Me: There Is No Such Thing as Difficult People
Carol Schulte| Speaker – Founder of Living Big

S9 (English)
The Open by Default Pilot – Working Differently
Teresa D’Andrea | Director of GC Digital Exchange – Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS)

S10 (English)
Insecurity in Information Technology
Tanya Janca | Senior Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft

S11 (English)
Data Science as a Team Sport with Open Source
Sepideh Seifzadeh | Open Source Analytics Solution Engineer – IBM

S12 (English)
I Love My Job, it’s the People I Can’t Stand!
Jody Urquhart | Motivational Speaker – Idoinspire

S13 (English)
Leveraging Social Media For Developing IT Supervisors
David Bedard | IT Manager & Project Manager – Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

S14 (English)
Navigating IT-enabled Change – Lessons in Collaboration and Leadership
Chris Brennan | CEO – Avenai Inc.
Lija Logan | Director – Strategic Change and Organizational Design, Export Development Canada (EDC)
Laura Matthews | Vice President, Human Resources and Communications – Innovapost
Omar Subhani | Executive Director, CARM Project, Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA)

S15 (English)
Be Comfortable Outside Your Comfort Zone
Andrew Goddard | Agile Coach, CGI

S16 (English)
THE POWER WITHIN – Harnessing Your Subconscious Mind
Gary Summers | Owner – Gary Summers Unlimited

S17 (French)
L’intelligence émotionnelle au cœur du leadership collectif
Pierrette Desrosiers | Pierrette Desrosiers Psycoaching

S18 (English)
Achieving Performance, Security and Compliancy in the Digital Era
Sanjeevan Srikrishnan | Senior Global Solutions Architect, Equinix

S19 (English)
From “You and Me” to “Us and We” (a.k.a., having a seat at the table)
Marion Grobb Finkelstein | Workplace Communication Consultant – MarionSpeaks

S20 (English)
Relieving Work Related Stress with Humour
Judy Croon | Motivational Speaker/ Comedian

S21 (English)
Scrum Development: Breaking the business and IT silos for a more intelligent way to deliver results.
Tarek Houssari | Business Solutions Development – Elections Canada

S22 (English)
Using KPIs to put the Citizen at the Heart of Digital Government
Bill Finnerty | Research Director – Gartner

S23 (French)
Générer l’engagement
Stéphane Simard | Conférencier professionnel certifié – Viséo Solutions en management inc.

S24 (English)
The Art and Science Of Business Architecture In A Customer Driven Era.
Dr. Gordon Barnett ACCA | Principal Analyst – Forrester Research Inc.

S25 (English)
Collective Intelligence: A World View From An International Panel
Frank Leyman (Belgium) | Federal Public Service Policy & Support (BOSA)
Cheow Hoe Chan (Singapore) | Government Chief Information Officer (GovTech)
Sarah Paquet (Canada) | Executive Vice-President, Shared Services Canada (SSC)
Peter Littlefield (Moderator) (Canada) | Chief Information Officer, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

S26 (French)
Incarnez le changement
Robert Savoie |Conférencier-Auteur-Animateur – Centre du mieux-être Robert Savoie


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W1 (English)
Managing as an Enterprise: We’re Better Together
Sarah Paquet  | Executive Vice-President, Shared Services Canada (SSC)

W2 (English)
Playing for the #WIN
Rob Oddi | CCMP, Certified/Registered Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® – V2R Social Media Inc.

W3 (English)
The Geometry of Change, Conflict & Challenge: Shaping Individual and Collective Thinking
Dale Allen | Co-Founder – The Leadership Group
Trevor Stevenson| Co-Founder – The Leadership Group


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M1 (English)
Speed Mentoring
Peter Bruce | Senior Associate, Institute on Governance
Patti Pomeroy | Formerly Director General, Industry Canada
Jacques Mailloux | Executive Director, Elections Canada

M2 (English)
Speed Mentoring
Guy Belleperche | Senior Director, Public Services and Procurement Canada
Neil Maxwell | President, Neil Maxwell Consulting Inc.
Sylvie Seguin-Brant, Director General, Public Services and Procurement Canada

M3 (English)
Speed Mentoring
Jennaeya McTavish | CIO, Privy Council Office
Rachel Porteous | CIO, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
John Rath-Wilson | Partner, R-W & Associates

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