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Theme, Dates and Location

Digital Crossroads: The End of IT?

May 22, 23 and 24 2019
Shaw Centre (Ottawa, ON) –

….well, not really, but as we know it!
And let’s face it; the world of IM/IT is changing at a faster pace than it ever has. So what can we do to prepare ourselves to be able to take advantage of these opportunities?

Disruptive technologies in today’s user centered Agile world of open source, automation, virtual & augmented reality, blockchain, cloud, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and algorithms galore – what do we need to do to transform our traditional roles so we can go along for the ride, instead of falling prey to the exponential speed at which technology is expanding, and to ensure we don’t react too late?

The theme for Professional Development Week 2019, Digital Crossroads: The End of IT? will explore the changing landscape, how we can and should ready ourselves and leverage these robust capabilities in the public sector, and how we can shift our roles to focus on business and our people/audiences to complement, enhance and scale the possibilities these technologies can bring.

In its over 50 years, DPI has continued to empower the IM/IT community to learn, share, connect and collaborate. We bring relevant and timely topics and trends to each learning event, forging synergies between technology and business.  Join us at Professional Development Week May 2019 where we explore the “end of IT” (as we know it), and discover what the future (its closer than we think) has in store!

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