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Day 1 Sessions

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K1 – The Fallacy of Impossible Mick Ebling | Tech Entrepreneur ‐ CEO Not Impossible

W1 – Innovation through Design Thinking Nilufer Erdebil | Spring2Innovation

M1 – Speed Mentoring (10:15 – 11:15 Session) Lise Arnett, CGI Marc Brouillard, TBS Francois Dicaire, CRA Tammy Labelle, PSPC Peter Littlefield, ESDC Louise Youdale, CNSC

M2 – Speed Mentoring (11:30 – 12:30 Session) Lise Arnett, CGI Marc Brouillard, TBS Vicki Iverson, Iversoft Peter Green, Telus Tammy Labelle, PSPC Liz McKeown, SSC

M3 – Speed Mentoring (1:30 – 2:30 Session) Francois Dicaire, CRA Barry Doucette, Orangutech Angus Howieson, Infrastructure CA Tammy Labelle, PSPC Paul Wagner, NRC Louise Youdale, CNSC

S1 –  Cloud for Global Good: Trusted, Responsible & Inclusive Kevin Peesker | Microsoft

S2 – An Excursion in Interactive Analytics: Shared Services Canada’s journey to a data driven approach Liz McKeown, Gilles Dufour, David Pyman and Suzanne Monette of Shared Services Canada (SSC)

S3 – Health as your Competitive Edge for Leadership and Peak Performance Michelle Cederberg | Work‐Life Energy Group

S4 – Tell us Once for Business Registration Nicolas Eisner and Steve Karam | Systemscope

S5 – Improving Government Services in the Digital Age Teresa D’Andrea | Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS)

S6 – Stand up and Speak OUT: How to Communicate Your Confidence and Elevate Your Presence Carol Schulte | Living BIG

S7 –  We Are in The Technology Stone Age: Are You Ready For Disruption? Benoit Simard | TELUS

S8 –  Alexa is Stealing Your Job! Rhonda Scharf | On the Right Track Inc.

S9 –  Provision a Cloud Innovation Lab Using Public Cloud Offerings Jason Vriends | CRA

S10 –  The Next Wave: Generation Z – Are you Ready? Nicole Miller | University of Ottawa

K2 –  Digital Innovation: Disruption in the Digital Age Lital Marom | Corporate Innovator , Digital Transformation Expert

Day 2 Sessions

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K3 – The Power of Challenge: How to Overcome Obstacles, Improve Health & Enhance Resilience Dr. Greg Wells | Health & Performance Expert | Physiologist | Bestselling Author

S11 – International Panel Discussion – Digital Crossroads Maria Gabriela Ayala (Ecuador) Yih‐Jeou Wang, EU (Denmark) Sarah Paquet, SSC (Canada) Peter Littlefield, ESDC (Canada)

S12 – The Art of the Practical: Making AI Real Tara Holland | SAS

S13 – Agile Adoption or Transformation: How To Know What Is Right For You? Chris Juryn | CGI

S14 – Transport Canada’s Hub: Promoting Innovation & Guiding Change Grahame Rivers | Transport Canada

S15 – The Bots Are Here: Are You Ready? Paul Macmillan | Deloitte

S16 – IM/IT Ying and Yang Liseanne Cadieux | OSGG Celine Beauregard | CBSA

S17 –  Public Speaking Can Be Learned & Fun Julie Blais Comeau |

S18 –  Think Better Live Better Marc & Angel Chernoff | Marc and Angel Hack Life

S19 –  Gartner’s Scenarios For The Future of IT Chris Howard | Gartner

S20 –  Embracing Change Using a Start‐up Mentality Megan Martin | Iversoft

S21 –  Relieving Work Related Stress with Humour (Part 2) Judy Croon | Comedian & Motivational Speaker

S22 –  La Gestion du Changement: Catalyseur Pour de Meilleurs Résultats Pierrette Desrosiers | Psycoaching

K4 – Future Gov Alex Benay | Deputy Minister, TBS and Chief Information Officer of the Government of Canada

Day 3 Sessions

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K5 – The Future of A.I. and Business Adam Cheyer | Co‐Founder and VP Engineering of Siri and Viv Labs

W2 – Are you EQIT‐ed? Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Communication for IT Professionals Glynis E. Devine | Squeeze the Day!

S23 – Accelerating Digital Transformations and Asset Identification Shawn Cruise | Oproma Inc. Duncan Fraser | Noticia LLP Sylvain J. Richard | LAC Dugald Topshee | Justice Canada

S24 – Migrating to Cloud Native Applications: City of Ottawa Case Study Tim Pinet, Chris Carty and Susan Pay – City of Ottawa

S25 – The People Skills That Matter Most in Driving More Actions From Data Analytics Cinny Little | Forrester

S26 – AI for Mental Health and Wellness in Canada Colleen McDowell | IBM

S27 – Building Digital Skills and Mindsets: Canada’s Digital Academy Chris Allison | Canada’s Digital Academy

S28 – Yes the Digital Landscape is Changing: How are YOU going to talk about it in a way that is relevant to your audience? Suzannah Baum | Ideal Communications

K6 – The Mind of The Leader Jacqueline Carter | Leadership & Mindfulness Expert

Attendee Exit Survey

Complete the full PDW 2019  Attendee Exit Survey


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