About Us

The Association of Public Sector Information Professionals (DPI) is a volunteer not-for-profit Canadian organization. We promote the development of public sector professionals and the effective application of Information Management and Technology (IM/IT) in the Federal Government of Canada and other public sector jurisdictions. This knowledge serves to influence the greater information management (IM) and the information technology (IT) communities through the application of shared best practices. As enablers of many services offered to Canadians, the impact is felt there too. Without the time and dedication of our volunteers throughout the year, DPI would not exist. Some of our volunteers work behind the scenes throughout the year, developing and promoting DPI.

DPI has an impressive track record of providing low-cost professional development. We provide our affiliates with exposure to a wide range of leading industry speakers and information professionals. We are continually striving to offer the best value for your training dollar by providing leading edge reviews on topics relevant to Information Professionals.


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