PDW 2023

PDW 2023

May 10 to 12, 2023
Shaw Centre (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) and Virtually

Theme: Making the Impossible…Possible! DPI: 60 Years in the Making

DPI’s humble beginnings date back to 1963.  When we began, the push button phone was brand new, the computer mouse had just been invented, and ASCII was a brand new standardized data exchange. When DPI was founded, there were 25 members, and the audio cassette had just been invented, along with the first computer video game.  And a few years later, when we held our first conference in 1968, there were 220 members.

Fast forward to today.  DPI has more than 6000 affiliates, and just hosted its Professional Development Week (PDW) with more than 4700 virtual delegates from across Canada. Today, you can text or make a call by asking Siri, and collaborate with developers across the globe to shape the future of software. Not to mention you can now watch DPI events on a device in the palm of your hand.

The history of technology is the history of DPI. For 60 years, DPI Affiliates have been instrumental in making the impossible…possible!  Our dedicated affiliates work tirelessly across all levels of public service, and are instrumental in tackling complex problems and delivering advanced technology solutions in support of their clients each and every day.

At PDW2023, we will look back on the successes over the past 60 years, and we will look forward to the challenges to come for both our organizations and our affiliates.  Join us for this special anniversary PDW – a walk through history, and into the future.

Our annual Professional Development Week will be held via a hybrid model on May 10-12, 2023 (virtual and in-person at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa). This event will provide important opportunities to learn, network, and connect with industry colleagues. That’s why we are excited to launch our theme: “Making the Impossible Possible – DPI: 60 Years in the Making”. We look forward to presenting you with a variety of keynotes and seminars that will expose you to the adaptability and transformation of the public sector community and our personal lives as well as the evolution of technology over the past 60 years.

Our seminars will focus on topics our Affiliates care about, like technology, skill-building, mental health, and the importance of diversity and inclusion.

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About PDW

Each year, DPI holds its annual Professional Development Week (PDW), a premier training event for IM/IT/Digital professionals. PDW is attended by 4700+ delegates ranging from technical analysts and policy makers to senior managers who all share a common goal: self-development.

Delegates attend PDW for its effective mix of technology and management sessions where they can gain insight into the business, technology and people sides of IM, IT and Digital. PDW provides insight into current technology and management trends, public sector IM/IT/Digital directions and tools and methods to survive and thrive in an increasingly complex environment. All this coupled with excellent networking opportunities, and superb social and dinner events. We are confident that PDW is the best value for your training dollar and we strongly encourage employees to make this part of their annual learning plans and for managers to endorse their participation.


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