What is DPI?

DPI was the original name of the association when it was created in 1963, and it stood for “Data Processing Institute”.  In 1997, the association was officially registered as a non-profit organization and the name was changed to the “Association of Public Sector Information Professionals”.  Today DPI stands for “Developing Professionalism in Informatics”, and is the motto of our Association.

What is the Association of Public Sector Information Professionals?

The Association of Public Sector Information Professionals is a federally incorporated, not-for-profit organization, consisting of many volunteers and supported by a few contractors.  The Association is governed by a Board of Directors and works with the assistance of portfolio committees and departmental representatives to deliver world-class training events all year around.  In other words, the Association of Public Sector Information Professionals is IM/IT public servants helping other IM/IT public servants.  This includes employees of federal, provincial, or municipal government, public sector agency, Crown Corporation, educational institute or other public authority working in IM/IT.

What is the mission of the Association?

The mission of the Association is to support the development of its affiliates and to enhance their beneficial influence on the greater IM/IT community, and to promote effective IM/IT in all levels of the Public Service.  DPI provides breakfast seminars throughout the year, networking events and delivers Professional Development Week (PDW) once a year.


How can I become a volunteer?

DPI is always looking for energetic public servants who would like to help their colleagues learn and grow.  Visit the “Get Involved” section of our website to find out more.


I have information to share with DPI affiliates.  How can I participate in your events as a speaker?

Visit the “Events” section of our website and go to “Speaking Opportunities”.  Alternatively, you can contact the Program team by email at  Please indicate your desire to be a speaker, as well as any background information that describes the subject matter and content you wish to present.

Is the cost of parking included in DPI events?

No – the cost of parking is not included in DPI events.  The cost of parking will vary depending on where the event is taking place.  Most venues have available parking facilities and often there is a fee to park.  Check with the specific venue directly for more details.

Where do I find the Lost and Found?

If you have lost an item at one of our events, please contact the facility at which the event was held at.  If an item is turned into the PDW Registration desk during one of our events we will leave it with the facility’s lost and found.


Who can become a DPI Affiliate?

Affiliation in DPI is free and open to any public sector information professional, 18 years of age or older, who is an employee (Indeterminate, Term, or full time) of a federal, provincial, or municipal government, public sector agency, Crown Corporation, educational institute or other public authority.  The term “employee” does not include contractors or people hired through an agency.

Is affiliate status limited to only those employees who are in the CS (Computer Systems) classification?

Any public service employee working in the IM/IT field, whether they are CS, AS, PM or from another group and classification, are eligible for affiliation in DPI.  The organization provides a wide variety of breakfast seminars and workshops ensuring to have something that would be of interest and value to all IM/IT professionals.

Why should I join DPI?  What are the benefits?

The primary benefit the Association has to offer is the excellent opportunities in learning, career development and networking.  DPI provides free access to seminars throughout the year.  Benefits may vary from year to year; visit the “Get Involved” section of of the website to find out more.

How much does it cost to become an affiliate?

Affiliate status in DPI is free.

I just started with my organization; is DPI for me?

Absolutely – DPI has so much to offer that you are certain to find something to suit your career development needs.  DPI also offers networking opportunities with colleagues that share the same passion for the IM/IT and is a great way to meet other IM/IT professionals from one’s own organization or other municipal, provincial, and federal organizations.

How do I register to become a DPI affiliate?

Registration is simple.  Visit the “Become a Affiliate” page under the “Get Involved” section of the website, and use the online registration form.

What if I change departments?  Do I re-apply to become an affiliate?

No you do not reapply, you update your profile.

I am an affiliate, but I lost my DPI affiliate card or my affiliate number, what should I do?

A few years ago, DPI made the “green” decision to no longer issue DPI affiliate cards.  You only require your affiliate number to register for DPI events.  To recover your DPI affiliate number you must first be logged in. Then visit the “My Profile” page and scroll to the bottom of the page to see your affiliate number.

Seminars & Mentoring

What are DPI Breakfast Seminars?

Throughout the year, the Association offers seminars to help public servants continue to learn and develop their careers.  The speakers and subjects are chosen based on three tracks: people, business and technology.  Information on seminars and other DPI events is available under the “Events” section of our website.

What is Group Mentoring?

Affiliates are able to connect in groups with senior leaders across government and Private Industry in order to gain new perspectives on a wide range of leadership topics. Bring your most burning questions and connect with your colleagues!

What is the cost to attend a Seminar or Group Mentoring Session?

DPI offers its seminars and mentoring sessions free of charge to DPI affiliates.


How do I become a sponsor of DPI and what are the benefits?

Corporate sponsorship assists DPI in offering free seminars and mentoring throughout the year and providing PDW at such a low cost to participants.  Our sponsorship portfolio will be more than happy to provide you with the latest information on the benefits of working with DPI.  For further details, you can contact our Sponsorship team at


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