PDW 2023 Tapestry

We are thrilled to unveil the stunning tapestry that was created at PDW 2023 where we celebrated our 60th anniversary. As we reflect on the past and envision the future, our tapestry delves into the intriguing theme of “What Will Digital Government Look Like in 10 Years?”. Our delegates helped us embark on an artistic journey that represents our collective vision for the future of digital government.

The Tapestry’s Concept:

Designed to stimulate imagination and provoke thought, the tapestry represents a fusion of technological advancements, innovative ideas, and the potential of digital transformation within the realm of government. It serves as a visual representation of the diverse perspectives and possibilities that lie ahead, inviting viewers to explore and contemplate the landscape that the future holds.

Join us in this transformative journey by participating in future events, as we collectively work towards building a digital government that is inclusive, transparent, and responsive to the evolving needs of society. Together, let us embrace the digital era, leveraging its potential to create a future where government truly serves as a catalyst for positive change.


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