PDW 2024

For more than 60 years, DPI has captured the voice of the public sector IM, IT, and Digital community, and this year is no different. Our most anticipated annual learning event, Professional Development Week, will be held May 7 -9, 2024 – both virtually and at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa.

This event will provide important opportunities to learn, network, and connect with colleagues. That’s why we are excited to launch our theme: “Think Big. Shift Fast. Accelerate Digital.” The focus will be on various topics such as technology, skill-building, adaptability, resiliency, leadership, mental health, and the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion.

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, organizations must contend with constantly evolving technology that disrupts traditional ways of doing things.  People and talent management are crucial factors in driving digital innovation and acceleration. PDW 2024 will explore how we harness talent to drive digital, including recruitment, retention and skill building, as well as fostering a culture of experimentation and risk taking in order to respond quickly to the changing landscape. Participants will gain valuable insights by learning and networking with thought leaders, experts, and practitioners to explore the latest trends and best practices in digital innovation and acceleration. Together we will think big, shift fast and accelerate digital.

Join us in May, where we will provide every attendee the opportunity to learn, connect and grow as leaders and professionals!



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