Bob Charleau Volunteer of the Year Award

The Bob Charleau Volunteer of the Year award, established in 2021 honours one person who has made an outstanding contribution to the Association of Public Sector Information Professionals (DPI) by volunteering significant hours and demonstrating exceptional commitment, cooperation, creativity and leadership.

A Bit about Bob..

Bob Charleau is a long serving DPI volunteer, having held a position on the Board of Directors for 20+ years and contributing countless hours to DPI. The recipient of the DPI Lifetime Award in 2008 and the Fellow Award in 2013, the epitome of a volunteer of the year which is why it has been named in his honour and was the first recipient in 2021.

Despite retiring from the Public Service in 2010 he has never stopped giving back to the community and offering his support, no task is ever too small or too big for him to help out a fellow board member.  He always promotes DPI to people he meets, encouraging new comers and junior staff to become affiliates or get involved as a volunteer.   He goes above and beyond by dedicating many hours to support numerous activities and successfully implementing new initiatives for DPI, like our mentoring and networking sessions.  We are so appreciative of his involvement as he has a wealth of corporate knowledge, great ideas and brings so much to the table.

Open to all DPI volunteers.

The award is given once per year at the Gala during Professional Development Week. If no suitable candidate(s) is found, the award may not be granted for a specific year.
Normally, one award will be granted each year. In exceptional circumstances, more than one award may be granted.

Nominations for the award will be identified by the President with input from the Board.

Judging Panel
The President of the Association is responsible for identifying the award recipient each year and for presenting the award at the Gala during Professional Development Week.

Selection Criteria
The following criteria will be considered to select a recipient:

  • Be a current and active volunteer.
  • Volunteered significant hours.
  • Demonstrate exceptional commitment, cooperation, creativity or leadership.
  • Strong volunteer characteristics that could include:  dependability, flexibility, initiative, cooperation and positive interaction with others.
  • Going above and beyond to make a positive impact on the association or the community at large.
  • Demonstrated professional integrity and respect.
  • Inspires newcomers and junior staff and motivates others to volunteer.

The following individuals have been honoured as the Bob Charleau Volunteer of the Year Award of DPI:

  • 2023 – Stacey Ross
  • 2021 – Bob Charleau


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