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Volunteers play a critical role in our Association. DPI volunteers serve in many capacities by contributing time, energies and skills that help to fulfill the Associations’ mission. A positive image of DPI is created within the community from the enthusiasm and interest of our volunteers, encouraging others to become involved. Our volunteers fulfill many roles from providing logistical support, to providing leadership and guidance or in developing the PDW program resulting in a meaningful, positive impact on our community.


Why Volunteer?

People volunteer for a variety of reasons. Some choose to become involved to provide a service, solve a problem; others look for personal development. There are many benefits to volunteering which may include:

  • Gaining new experiences – escape the everyday routine and explore new opportunities
  • Sharing your skills, talents and time – satisfaction of providing a service and expertise
  • Contributing to the community – help solve issues, give back and become more familiar with the professional community and DPI
  • Developing personal pride and satisfaction – through giving your time, energy and skills freely
  • Developing new skills or enhance existing knowledge – ongoing pursuit of new skills, challenges and experiences
  • Expanding your network – meet a diverse range of professionals, meet colleagues and make new friends
  • Forming leadership and social skills – expand your influence and voice
  • Growing personally and professionally – continue to develop your knowledge, boost your career options and acquire new job skills
  • Gaining a sense of achievement and motivation – by contributing to the future success of the Association and professional community

Who can Volunteer?

To Volunteer with DPI, you must be a DPI affiliate. To learn more click here.

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