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Join DPI and the National Managers' Community (NMC) for this event on Building a Culture of Experimentation followed by a mentoring session.

Join DPI & the National Managers' Community (NMC) for this event on Building a Culture of Experimentation. Together we will have the opportunity to hear from Liora Raitblat and discuss this organizational mindset that values and encourages experimentation to generate new ideas, solve problems, and learn from failures.

Participants attending the event in person can also register for a speed mentoring portion, with executives from the public service, which follows the seminar.

 9:00 -  9:30 - Registration and breakfast/networking
 9:30 - 10:50 - Keynote Speaker (hybrid; registration required)
11:00 - 12:15   - Speed Mentoring (in-person only; registration required)

Seminar - Building a Culture of Experimentation

November 28, 9:30 - 10:50 am ET

Free hybrid seminar, open to DPI affiliates and National Managers' Community (NMC)
Shaw Centre, Room 205/207, Second Floor

Breakfast and check-in will start at 9:15 am ET for in person attendees.

We know our world is changing at a rapid pace, and being innovative is no longer a "nice-to-have" but a "need-to-do"! What does it mean to become innovative? How can we not only embrace innovation, but embed this way of thinking within our culture?

The key is to think like a scientist, and experiment. The challenge of course is that it is easier said than done. To build this muscle around innovation, we need to first focus on establishing the mindset. Innovation is rarely a single big bang instance, but rather a series of incremental behavioural shifts. In this energetic seminar, learn how to transform some of the smallest changes into some of the biggest results by embracing change and innovation within yourself and your teams.

Liora Raitblat | Innovation Lead, TEDx Speaker,  Business Professor

Liora Raitblat is an innovation culture strategist, TEDx speaker, business professor, and behavioural science enthusiast. She is passionate about helping impact-seekers apply innovative practices to address today’s challenges. She is currently a Senior Lead for Export Development Canada’s innovation lab, where she supports executives and their teams in fostering innovation through agile and design thinking practices. Previously, Liora worked as a strategic change consultant at Deloitte where she led change management teams to support organizations adapt through their largest digital transformations. She has been recognized for her impact and has received “Ontario’s People’s Choice Award” as well as the youngest individual at the time to receive the “Consulting National Excellence Award”.


Twitter: @R8BLAT

The seminar will be followed by a speed mentoring event. 

Speed Mentoring - The Art of Networking: Building Meaningful Connections

November 28, 11:00 - 12:15 pm ET

Free and In-Person Only, open to DPI affiliates and National Managers' Community (NMC)
Shaw Centre, Room 205/207, Second Floor

Engage with executives from across the public service and gain new perspectives on a wide range of leadership topics. Bring your most burning questions and connect with your colleagues!

Our Mentors

Marie-Eve Aubry
Director and General Counsel, Strategic Litigation Coordination Unit, National Litigation Sector
Justice Canada
Marie-Eve Aubry | LinkedIn

Stéphane Baribault
Director, Assessment, Determination and Monitoring Division, Charities Directorate, Legislative Policy & Regulatory Affairs Branch
Canada Revenue Agency

Irwin Bess
Digital Leader
Canada School of Public Service
Irwin Bess | LinkedIn

Marc Brouillard
Chief Digital Officer, Chief Digital Officer Sector
Fisheries & Oceans Canada
Marc Brouillard | LinkedIn

Theresa Bates
Director, Human Resources Planning, Official Languages and Employment Equity
Correctional Service of Canada
Teri Bates | LinkedIn

Farrah Fleurimond
A/Director General, Transportation of Dangerous Goods
Transport Canada
Farrah Fleurimond | LinkedIn

Paul Gaskin
Director General, Planning, Operations and Information Branch, Canadian Forest Service
Natural Resources Canada
Paul Gaskin | LinkedIn

Lily Klassen
Director General, Staffing Support, Priorities and Political Activities Directorate
Public Service Commission
Lily Klassen | LinkedIn

Donna McLean
Executive Director, Emergency Management
Transport Canada
Donna McLean | LinkedIn 

Cara Vandale
Director General, Indigenous Learning, Public Sector Operations and Inclusion Branch
Canada School of Public Service

Samantha Maislin Dickson
Assistant Deputy Minister, Public Safety, Defence and Immigration Portfolio
Justice Canada

Jason Bouzanis
Assistant Commissioner, Public Affairs
Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

Kyle Burns
Director General, Public Sector Innovation, Innovation and Skills Development
Canada School of Public Service
Kyle Burns | LinkedIn


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November 28th, 2023 from  9:30 AM to 12:15 PM
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