This year, DPI is introducing “GAMIFICATION” to your Professional Development Week (PDW) experience which means you can earn points to win prizes!

How does it work?
Collect “Spot Codes” (usually a short collection of capitalized letters such as DPIREG or SESSION1) when you complete a task and enter the code in the gamification section of the platform ( to claim points! Different tasks will get you a different number of points, but remember: the more “Spot Codes” you collect, the more points you earn.

Challenge your colleagues to see who can collect the most points. Make sure you redeem your points for ballots to be entered into the draw to win prizes.

Ways to Earn Points
Leading up to the event:

  • 50 points – Registering early to PDW
  • 500 points – Become a DPI Affiliate OR update your DPI Affiliate Profile on DPI Web Site
  • 100 points – Update your profile pictures in pheedloop platform (
  • 75 points – Follow our Twitter Account
  • 75 points – Follow us on LinkedIn
  • 25 points – Watch for codes via our DPI Twitter feed

During the event:

  • 250 points per session – Attend a keynote
  • 150 points per session – Attend a seminar
  • Earn up to 500 points – Visit an Exhibitor Booth or chat with Exhibitor
  • 50 points per session – Complete a feedback form after a keynote or seminar
  • 200 points – Register for DPI |TBS Digital Community Awards and Virtual Gala

Trivia Questions (20 points per question) – Answers to questions can be found on DPI’s webpage. The game code is the numerical answer to the question, i.e. 1929

  • When was DPI founded?
  • What year was the first DPI Fellow and Lifetime Award winners recognized?
  • What are the last four digits of DPI’s phone number?


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