Marketing Materials

Below you will find some marketing materials to use in the promotion of PDW.

  • Infographic – EN | FR (PDF)
  • Poster – EN | FR (PNG) EN | FR (PDF)
  • Suggested Social Media Posts – BILINGUAL (PDF)
  • Sample Newsletter article for Departmental Publications – BILINGUAL (PDF)
  • Viewing Party Playbook – EN | FR (PDF)
  • Twitter Banner – BILINGUAL (PNG)
  • Email Header – BILINGUAL (PNG
  • Promotional MS Teams / Zoom Background – BILINGUAL (PNG)

Ideas for Maximizing Your PDW Enterprise Pass and Increasing Organizational Participation 

  • Encourage your employees to block off all three days in their calendar and dedicate this time to their learning and development. 
  • Share all marketing materials, PDW event details and Enterprise Pass information including organizational registration link with all groups in the organization. 
  • Encourage other senior leaders and managers to share this opportunity with their employees, via email, meetings, events and presentations, etc. 
  • Share in organizational wide newsletters, social media, intranet and event sites. 
  • Engage with your HR, Learning and Training Groups to help promote this event. 
  • Share PDW event details and Enterprise Pass information at organizational meetings, events and presentations 
  • Host a viewing party – Organize engaging viewing parties for key sessions during PDW that align with your priorities and areas of focus for learning within your organization.  See PDW Viewing Party Playbook here 


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