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DPI is an organization run predominantly by volunteers thus its capacity and capability to take on new work is somewhat challenged.  DPI is routinely asked to develop partnerships with other organizations. For example, DPI has evolved its relationship with TBS, Office of the CIO to include joint delivery of focused learning opportunities for the community.

As a volunteer based non-profit organization, DPI now requires extra support to run priority projects that help move the organization forward.  Specifically, DPI is looking to expand its current support structure with 1 full-time position to further evolve the logistics and opportunities related to these events with TBS/OCIO and potentially to other future partnerships, to ensure smooth delivery and subsequently the evolution into more streamlined/digital opportunities for the rest of the DPI offerings.

This role will evaluate, test, enhance, and evolve all aspects of the partnership and the related events to seek and implement best practices to design a Digital First dynamic engagement for event participants and stakeholders (e.g. online registration and pass management system).

Experience Factors

Project management, coordination and deliverology expertise; ability to deliver multiple small to medium initiatives concurrently across a program; technical fluency and business acumen to deliver and/or explain documentation for client portfolios including artifacts, plans, requirements and specifications as needed. Great interpersonal communication skills and ability to integrate information and redirect; excellent client engagement skills and experience working in a matrix team environment. Attention to detail, flexibility a must. Self-motivated, fueled by discovery.

Role/Responsibilities to include:

  • Act as the point of contact for all parties related to one time events including with:
    • The Shaw Centre (or other venue)
      • Event Order details (including F&B and floor plans), making corrections/changes as necessary and ensure it is signed by DPI President (or responsible executive).
      • Conduct site visits of the contracted venue with the client, if requested.
    • TBS/OCIO or other organizations
    • DPI board/Executive
    • Other stakeholders as required
  • Coordination: Be accountable for all details related to joint TBS/OCIO DPI events including:
    • Maintenance and tracking of the critical path for partner events for both DPI and the client, ensuring adherence to deadlines for information/deposits.
    • Maintenance of the budget for the event and distribution to both DPI executive and the client.
    • Attendance at all planning meetings with the client and creation/maintenance of action items for DPI.
    • Providing advice regarding the program format, timing and room set-ups for sessions, to ensure that the planned program will work smoothly and efficiently within the confines of the venue space and the time available. Bring any potential roadblocks or discrepancies to the attention of the client.  Seeking feedback and recommendation for partner organizations from the board.
    • Determine all logistical requirements, including signage, room set-up and food and beverage requirements and suggest appropriate menu selections, keeping in mind the budget, program timing and dietary needs.
    • Work with DPI Technology for audio-visual requirements.
    • Liaise with venue staff, DPI executive to ensure that all elements of the event run smoothly, and communicate any changes to the requirements.
    • Confirm the final number of attendees for all food and beverage one week prior to the event and provide the venue with a detailed list of any special dietary requirements.
    • Manage the invitations to Vendors through Eventbrite or other online tools and liaise with the vendors and Freeman (exhibit hall service provider) regarding the set-up, hours of operation and teardown.
    • Assist with set up of registration and handle vendor registration during the event.
  • Drive the exploration  and implementation of tools, systems, processes, relationships etc. that lead to enhanced user experiences at future DPI events, starting with those developed in partnership  which may influence the rest of the DPI offerings.

Competencies and experience: 

  • natural curiosity to try new systems and tools and to experiment
  • excellent interpersonal abilities
  • great attention to detail
  • problem-solving
  • excellent judgement
  • quick learner
  • thriving under pressure
  • comfortable with contract material
  • experience managing a budget
  • ability to continuously re-prioritize in an uncertain environment

Application Process

Submit to DPI, in any way you wish (presentation, document, video, inforgraphic, etc.) your overview of how you would go about designing and delivering on the following requirement.

You are tasked with organizing a unique learning event for DPI affiliates.  The following are the parameters:

  • The 1-day event will occur within 2-3 months, early spring time period.
  • Using the DPI affiliates list, we expect 500-1000 attendees.
  • The event will be free for affiliates and will be held at the Shaw Centre.
  • Vendors will be invited, and will pay for a booth to showcase their services.
  • Both vendors and affiliates will need a registration system/process that includes ticket management.  No system currently exists while affiliates, board members and sponsors expect leading edge technology to support the event.
  • The full-day event will include plenary (full group) and break out sessions where registrants will be split.
  • A potential vendor list exists
  • The agenda and speakers have already been confirmed.
  • Coffee breaks will take place in the morning and afternoon
  • Some government organizations want to participate in designing the event.

Noting that the audience are IM/IT specialized, leveraging technology and making the event as digital as possible is of high importance.

Submissions to be shared directly with and are due by March 21, 2020.


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