PDW 2022 Volunteers

An amazing group of volunteers have made PDW 2022 possible! Interested in getting involved and giving back to the community, visit our website for information on how to volunteer.


PDW Chair: Andy Ladouceur
President: Jennifer Conlin
Vice President: Dugald Topshee
Past President: Stacey Ross
Strategic Advisor: Liz McKeown

Board of Directors

Administration: Bob Charleau
Communications: Reita Sutherland, Joy Moskovic, Ishrah Issa
Program: Abby Sun, Christina Yung, Kristina Jevremovic
Sponsorship:Spartacus Penev, Chantal Yelle, Nora Ballantyne
Technology & Web: Danny Low, John Mitchell, Greg McGillis
Strategy & Partnerships: Jean-François Lalonde, Shantia Thompson
Finance: Sylvain Belanger

PDW Volunteers

Amer, Mahmoud
Aujla, Mandeep
Bergeron, Rachelle
Brunet, Nathalie
Brunet, Stéphane
Calarco, Fiore
Charron-Bourdon, Vicky
Chitomfwa, Ngosa
Dimitrova, Gergana
Drouin-Primeau, Sarah
Gauthier, Nathalie
Godbout, Holly
Grieve, Julia
Hearle, Kerry
Hession, Paul
Jean, Christine
Knight, Ken
Lam, Nghia
Macri, Tony
Mamun, Faisal
Mbabazi, Annick
Mwa Kabongo, Sissi
Pfahl, Kirsten
Religa, Mary
Rosenbloom, Olga
Rousselle, Hertel
Sacca, Caterina
Siddiqi, Noor
Smith, Arnold
Stinson, James
Sullivan, Josie
Tremblay, Mireille
Tremblay, Robert
Xie, Boquan



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